There are no special requirements for joining, aside from FREEDOM OF CHOICE and interest in promoting motorcyclists’ rights and safety.
As a member, you are showing support and help in the ongoing struggle against anti-motorcycle legislation.

Also, you will receive FREE $2,500.00 AD&D insurance.

There are two ways you can become a member.

(1) Fill out the Application PDF and either:
Send it in through physical mail to ABATE Central Oklahoma District Inc.| PO Box 95572 | Oklahoma City, OK 73143
Print it off, fill out the fields, scan it, and email it to

(2) Pay the Membership fee here.

NOTE price changes:


Sooner State ABATE, Inc.


C.O.D. Outpost

Member Name: goes by_______________________________________Member # __________________________

_________________________________________ Member #__________________________

Mailing Address / City / State / Zip: ________________________________________________________________


*Cell Phone: _____________________________ Outpost / area: _____ C.O.D . ____________________________

___ *I would like to receive text messages about call to actions and events going on,

Home Phone:__________________________________

***Email address: __________________________________________________________________________

_______ NEW MEMBER REFERRED BY:___________________________________ RENEWAL__________

_______ “MSF Safety Course” Membership is free for ONE (1) year *must see card #_______________________

_______ Individual Membership $25.00 a year. (3yr/ $55 5yr/$100) Date: __________________

_______ Joint *same address* $40.00 a year (3/yr. $100 5/yr. $150)

_______ Senior *55+* $15.00 a year. (3yr/$30 5/yr. $50)

_______ Senior Lifetime 55+ $250.00

_______ Lifetime $500.00

_______ Patch $25.00

_______ Junior *12 and under* FREE with adult membership

*By signing this application, I agree to waive any and all claims against Sooner State ABATE, Inc… , Central Oklahoma District (COD) ABATE, Its officers, board members and general members for any personal or property loss or damage which may occur as a result of my participation in Sooner State ABATE, Inc. or Central Oklahoma District (COD) function, ride or event. I do so voluntary assuming all my risks and I release and hold harmless Sooner State ABATE, Inc. For any personal injury or property loss which may result there from. I also agree to be an active drama free member to proudly help promote and protect motorcyclist rights to the best of my ability.

Members Signature:_______________________________________________________________ Date:________________________________________________

Mail To:

Sooner State Abate


P.O. Box 95572

Oklahoma City, OK. 73143


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